Larry and Melinda P.

By Tania Clark on April 11, 2014 |

To Whom it May Concern

Subject: Mr. Christopher Clark, Peaks & Valleys Landscaping Ltd.

We were first introduced to Chris Clark and Peaks & Valleys Landscaping in the winter of 2005. We met with him and discussed our budget and our yard wish list. His professional approach to the estimate and landscaping plan of our yard convinced us to use his services.

In particular, was his local knowledge of the trees, plants and shrubs native to and best suited for Southern Alberta. As well, his knowledge of the developer landscaping expectations for all residence of the Lakes at Heritage Point played an important part in completing our homeowner finishing commitment.

The entire experience was enjoyable and we have received numerous compliments on the overall landscaping plan and the awesome look of our home and yard.

Chris’s friendly, honest and professional approach makes it very easy to recommend Peaks & Valleys to anyone who is considering having their yard professionally landscaped.